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From positioning to design, editing to book marketing, you can sit back and relax as our team of experts create the best version of your book.

  •  Own 100% of the rights

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At Leading Trails, authors and their work are at the top priority. Our Approach to provide our authors with unprecedented editorial excellence, marketing reach, long-standing connections with booksellers, and industry-leading insight into reader and consumer behavior is the best in the country!




By Pooja Poddar Marwah

By Pooja Poddar Marwah

By Ravi Dabral

By Ravi Dabral

By Barry Cheema

By Barry Cheema

By Anish Jha

By Anish Jha

By Chandan Sen Gupta

By Chandan Sen Gupta

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Publish With Leading Trails 


You no longer have to wait for months to even hear back from a publisher. You have complete control over your book’s publishing timeline.


We believe that it is your book, your story and you should own all the rights. We will take care of everything!


Why wait for a year to know how well your book is doing? Get notified every time you sell a copy of your book, anywhere in the world.


Don’t settle for meagre royalties and an annual payout. Earn maximum profits from your book sales and get paid every month.

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