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About Leading Trails 

Based out in Delhi/NCR, Leading Trails Pvt Ltd incorporated in mid 2017. The company focuses on book printing and publishing with special emphasis on distribution to both authors and other publishers from around the world. It's vision is to help every aspiring writer to have the wings to their words. You have an idea, we'll make it work. With an extensive distribution network both online and offline, you will never feel the twinge of being lost in translation.       


Our company strives to provide the perfect platform for being heard by having a sturdy distribution network in place. Our books are designed and packaged with care, ensuring that every title maintains it ingenuity and reaches the target audience safely. At Leading Trails we endeavour to enhance every author's visibility by taking their product directly to the masses.


We are open to titles of all genres and languages, and also aspire to translate manuscripts to other dialects. You feel the creative juices flowing, but don't know how to proceed? Hop onboard and make a mark with Leading Trails!

About Publishing 

Self-publishing services of the highest quality and the most affordable rates is what you get at LEADING TRAILS. We are the fastest growing Self-publishing company in the world, with a growing author community.


Self-publishing a book has been made significantly easier with our guided publishing program and our publishing platform.

Print-on-Demand Self Publishing is a new model for book publishing which is becoming widely popular because it focuses exclusively on the needs of an author, bringing about the following benefits to the author: lower costs, faster setup as compared to offset printing, and no wastage from unsold stock.

Features of POD Self Publishing:

- Demand-based Printing - New copies of a book are printed based on demand i.e. as and when the orders are placed. Unlike traditional printing technologies in which printing 'single copies' is not economical, POD publishing is enabled by digital printing technologies. Hence, neither the author nor the publisher has to take a big risk by making a big investment in bulk printing of books.

- Quick Turnaround Time - Where traditional publishers take up to 6-12 months to bring a book to the market, self-publishing model helps authors get their books published in a very short span of few days to weeks. Once the print-ready manuscript is prepared, printing at any time is instantaneous.

- Instantaneous Printing - Authors can avail various Professional Services for making their manuscripts print-ready. Once the work is published, the books are listed on online channels for sale worldwide. Thereon, the books are then printed as and when the orders are placed on these channels, and the book are shipped.

- Books Forever - Traditional publishers print the books for a maximum of 2-4 years, based the sales/success, and then do away with the book. However, in POD self-publishing, the book never goes out of print.

- Lower Costs: POD digital printing helps in lowering the unit costs, reduces the inventory management and handling costs, and also prevents wastage as fewer copies of books can be kept in stock.

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